My 5 Product Daily Makeup Routine

My daily makeup routine used to be a bit more complex, I'll admit. But for the last couple of months, I have kicked that routine to the curb and have developed a time and money saving process that I'm not sure I'll ever change. I use FIVE makeup products for my daily makeup routine. It takes me 8 minutes on a good day.

I'm no makeup guru – I do eyeshadow only on special/rare occasions, I don't even try with strip lashes (though I do want to try lash extensions), I save the contouring for the YouTube celebrities and Kim K, and the majority of products I'm a fan of are from my local Target. That said, save your judgement if you're a pro at any of the above. 

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There's something to be said about simplicity, and I just simply don't have the energy to exert for a makeup process that will be wiped off hours later. I've been a huge proponent of the no-makeup, makeup look. So that's what I'm sharing today. 

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I used to use a Makeup Forever foundation a couple of years ago, but I found that it made my skin extremely oily -- like, I could ring it out by the end of the day. It was a no for me. But I got to try one of their new formulas courtesy of Influenster recently and I am hooked. It's their Ultra HD Invisible Coverage foundation and it gives me the most amazing dewy look a couple of hours in. My only complaint is that one of the sample sized bottles I received was the perfect shade and full sized bottle is a little dark. I just finished up the sample recently and I about cried. 


Other than foundation, there are 4 key areas that have to be covered before I start my day: these brows, lawd, are the first. I've become a recent fan of the Elf Brow Pomade. It's a lot like the Anastasia Dip Brown (same concept) but a fraction of the price. It gets the job done, no doubt. I've tried many brown filler options, but this is one that I may keep around a while. 

Secondly, concealer. It's another must-have. I currently use NYX's Full Coverage Concealer, but I used to use Laura Mercier's pot concealer and loved it as well. NYX is also a cheap thrill that gets the job done. I conceal under my eyes (after foundation -- though I'm not even sure if that's the correct order) and under my brows to give them a little highlight/hide the hairs I'm too lazy to pluck. 

Lastly, you won't catch me without mascara and a little highlight for special effect. I currently use Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Mascara and love it. I used to use a gel liner on my top eyelid and rock a winged look daily. I've recently chilled on the eyeliner and am comfortable without it. Mascara seems to be enough to bring out my eyes and it really accentuates my already long lashes.  I use a loose bronzer by Mac with my Sigma brush to add a little dimension in the form of highlight. I'll swipe a bit on each cheek bone and a little on my nose and chin and be on my way. 

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You can shop all of these products plus see a short video of my process below. 


I'm always looking to switch things up so I'm really curious what your tried and true makeup products are. Let me know!