Colour Poppin'

I have a real obsession with matte lipsticks... it's healthy, I promise. I used to make a trip to Ulta every chance I got to stock up on NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. They were the only lipstain-like product that didn't dry my lips to dust. 

It wasn't until recently that I was doing my usual perusing of Instagram, when I saw one of the many beauty bloggers I follow mention Colourpop and it immediately caught my attention. Now, I can't lie, the $6 price tag on the NYX lip creams was a force to be reckoned with -- but when I realized Colourpop was also $6, I was sold. In comparison to NYX, I have to say that they are MUCH longer lasting. After a full meal (like wings and fries and healthy stuff), my lips are always still intact. And sadly, I couldn't say the same for NYX. 

I ended up getting LAX (which is my absolute favorite), Limbo, Chilli Chilly, Avenue and Zipper.

When I tell you, I'm hooked, I tell you no lies. I had my best friends and my sister over a week ago and let them try on a few...and they purchased some before they left my house. It's that serious. Anyway, today is obviously Cyber Monday, so if ever you wanted to try them out, this would be your day. I just bought ItsMyRayeRaye's new color, StingRAYE, along with Kitty, one of their new holiday sets of five. Everything is 20% off today only which means they are $4.80. Four dollars and eighty cents. 

Did you hear about Kylie Jenner's new matte lip line? Yeah, I hate her (in an endearing way). I might be forced to to cough up that $29 for the True Brown K. Told you my addiction was healthy! :)