Favorite Unsuspecting Beauty Tools

I usually don't deviate much from my almost-non-existent beauty regime, but lately, I've been very open to trying new things. Like, eye cream and shit. I know I've heard a time or 18 that "black don't crack" but when the opportunity presents itself to try eye cream (read free), you just do it because... why not? This post isn't about eye cream in the slightest, don't worry. 

The point is, I've come across 3 products in the last few months (some you may be familiar with, some not) that I never envisioned using let alone loving. One of which I didn't even know existed. Let's get into them. 

1. Dollar Shave Club

Yes, the company with the weirdly funny commercials that are actually targeted to men. That one. Here's a secret: I've used mens razors for the past Idontknowhowlong. They're just... better. I don't need my razor to be pink to get the job done. I need a razor that's functional, isn't plastic, and lasts more than one leg shave during the winter when I totally neglect shaving my legs. That's it. I realized however, that while I love using mens razors, I was paying an astronomical amount of money to refill the cartridges every time I needed a re-up. $17 for 3 refills? Nah. Then for some odd reason, I found myself on Dollar Shave Club's website. You mean, I can get FOUR razor refills every month for $9? AND it's a heavy duty razor? I was intrigued. But, what sold me was the fact that although I use mens razors, I'm not a man. So therefore, there is no way in hell I'm using all four of those razor refills in a month's time. The fact that I could skip a month at anytime just made this whole operation a helluva lot economical. So basically, it's $9 every 2 months. And basically, that's a win. 

You can and should sign up for Dollar Shave Club (for basically free) right now. You're welcome. 

2. Smile Brillant

I've never used an at-home teeth whitening solution. In fact, I've never even had my teeth whitened but one time in my life (aside from those Crest white strips, of course). So when Smile Brilliant asked me to try their at-home teeth whitening kit, I was like... well, sure. I admit, I was a little hesitant and nervous about it because I've heard how unbearable it is if you have teeth sensitivity, and I wasn't sure where I fell on the spectrum of sensitivity. But nonetheless, I did my impressions and mailed them back. Within a couple of weeks, I had two trays that custom fit my teeth.  

I've done it twice since, and I honestly didn't feel any tingling or discomfort until about 45 mins in. Which was good. And it wasn't like intolerable. I've definitely noticed a difference and definitely recommend Smile Brilliant for ease-of-use if nothing else. 

FullSizeRender 261.jpg

Here's a little before & after.

3. Dermaflash

Okay, so I'd been wanting to try Dermaplanning for a while. I'd looked up several spas around me to see who offered it and watched my fair share of YouTube videos about the benefits. If you're unfamiliar, dermaplanning is a method of exfoliation that consists of using a 10 gauge scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. In addition to removing the dead skin cells, it also removes the fine baby hairs on your face that you might not have noticed otherwise. But let me tell you. When you see how smooth your makeup application becomes and how much brighter your skin is, you definitely realize the hair is gone. 

I've since worked with a local med spa who gave me a facial + dermaplanning and I really loved the results. So when Dermaflash sent me the at-home version, I was super excited to try it out. While this version is not a 10 gauge scalpel, it does noticeably exfoliate my skin and definitely removes the hair. So it's a win in my book. 

The Dermaflash comes with the flash itself, the charging base, blade refills and the prep and soothe products. You can get yours here

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I'm very into feeding my inner product junkie these days. What are your favorite products/gadgets that you're surprised by how much you love?