Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme

You may or may not know it, but I am literally obsessed with matte liquid lipstick. And now that everyone and their mom (think Kris + Kylie Jenner) is making it, there isn't a shortage of options. There are, however, a shortage of those worth your while and your coins. As much as I'd love to get my hands on that True Brown K by Kylie Cosmetics (lipkit by Kylie?) or whatever she's calling it these days to justify the $29 price tag, I have no patience for pulling out my internet lightsaber to fight off eager women (or tweens) in attempt to score a tube of liquid goodness in the 10 minutes before it sells out and the site crashes. No, I haven't ever tried, I just follow her on Snapchat (so?). 

You know my love for Colourpop runs deep. Like, real deep. But I'm what you might call a product whore -- as much as I really want to stay faithful, I can't help but dabble. Like this is great. Really good, actually. But what if there's a reeeally legit better option out there? I've got to find out. Sorry, Colourpop. My monogamy applies to my husband and my job. Everything else... I just can't promise there won't be any side pieces. 

I might be late to the party, but I recently saw a picture of ItsMyRayeRaye wearing a brown color (similar to Limbo by Colourpop that I lost - sad day) and I was intrigued. Milani has a matte lipstick and it looks like THAT? AND it's $8.99? Put me in, coach! Of course I bought it...among other things. 

The formula is nice. The finish is a lot like Colourpop's... not drying, very pigmented. The only thing that was...not even bad, just strange... was that it kinda made my lips tingle when first applied -- and I can smell it. Like, there's a scent. Not a bad scent... but I can smell it. 

I purchased three colors - Covet, Obsession and Fascination. Covet being my favorite simply because even though spring has sprung, I can't quite be pulled away from the dark lip. 

Overall, I'd definitely buy them again. They won't replace Colourpop, but it's great to have another affordable, long-lasting option. 

I purchased these from You can shop some of the other things I purchased (to be discussed later) below.