Our Wedding Day Pt. 1

I'd be remiss not to share one of the most special days of my life, so, here it is. Well, the morning of it anyway. 

 The hanger was a DIY project. I also made all of my bridesmaid's hangers with their names. 

The hanger was a DIY project. I also made all of my bridesmaid's hangers with their names. 

I was never the little girl who dreamed about her wedding day. Especially pre-Pinterest (because obviously they kind of force you). It wasn't until I had a ring on my finger that I was like "Oh, shit. I actually have to plan a wedding." 

Blatant transparency: wedding planning was not smooth sailing. My husband and I footed the majority of the bill ourselves, and we didn't always see eye-to-eye on what was necessary and what wasn't and what was logical and what was just outright ridiculous. I think we had more disagreements and I, temper tantrums, during the year of planning than we've had the nearly 4 we've been together. It was trying. But, cool heads and open hearts always prevail. I can attest to that. 

Wedding morning was, for lack of better words, disastrous. A group of my friends and family had gone out the night prior and at some point en route back to my suite, I may or may not have dropped my phone (that was already holding on by a thread). When I woke up, it wouldn't come on. The screen was black (and cracked, but it had been for a while). I immediately panicked. The makeup artist should've been en route, I had no way to get a hold of my coordinator, my VOWS WERE IN MY PHONE and had not been written down yet. Needless to say, I was a mess. Thankfully, my bridesmaids and my daddy came to the rescue. Bridesmaids pulled out computers, gathered vendor phone numbers and handled all communication while my daddy went out and got my phone repaired. 

As much as I wish I weren't sometimes, I'm pretty traditional. So, there was no way my groom would see me before walking down the aisle. I feel like saving that first look for that moment makes it that much more anticipated and meaningful. In lieu of doing a "first look" with my groom, I opted for one with my first love - my daddy. 

It was a special moment. One I'll likely always remember. My dad is literally, hands-down, no argument, my best friend in the entire world. So, yeah, solid memory this one. 

I'd like to roll these out in phases and by category, so while this post will serve as my "wedding morning" next up will likely be either the details (because they matter), the ceremony or the reception. We shall see. Enjoy! :)