What Are You Listening To?: My Five Favorite Podcasts

I'm admittedly pretty late to the podcast scene (just as late to audio books), but now that I'm aboard the bandwagon, wasssssup? What do you listen to? Let's chat. No, really, what do you listen to? I've been obsessively subscribing to a ton of podcasts on iTunes and it has been my favorite way to pass the time on my dreaded commute. 

Without further ado, here's what's in my queue: 

1. Stuff Mom Never Told You

Hosted by Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin, Stuff Mom Never Told You is the audio podcast from HowStuffWorks that gets down to the business of being women from every imaginable angle. 

This is hands down one of my favorites. From the issue of colorism and racism to dissecting the ins and outs of fashion blogging as a business, Cristen and Caroline pretty much nail this podcast and offer such a refreshing feministic view of the issues (and non-issues) of our everyday lives. 

2. Dear Sugar Radio

The cult-favorite advice column is back, this time speaking straight to your ears. The Sugars, Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond, take on all your questions - no matter how deep or dark - and offer radical empathy in return. 

Another favorite. This one is seriously no holds barred. "The Sugars" (first and last time I will refer to them as such because it's just weird) cover everything -- whether applicable to you or someone you know, or something that you've thought about but wouldn't actually say out loud. 

3. Divulge

DIVULGE is not your mama's podcast. It's not for bae either. It's for you, black women. Raw, real and unapologetically melanin motivated, JD and Moy Moy speak truths on the issues that real world women deal with everyday, but sometime never speak on. But this isn't where you go and cry about it, it's where you come to be real and be free. 

Okay, I'm might be a little biased because this one is produced by two of my very best friends, BUT it's worth your listen. Divulge is relatively new, but in its 3 episodes, it dives deep into the topics that all of us gossip about that tie directly into the arsenal of screenshots in our camera roll and group chats. And after a few shots, nothing is off the discussion table for these two. 

4. Hashtags and Stilettos

The Hashtags + Stilettos podcast is like having your own personal publicist in your pocket. Tune in for business, lifestyle and PR insights and interviews from entrepreneur and PR expert Sakita Holley. 

This is one of the more inspirational podcasts in my queue. I am drawn to all of the Girl Bossdom that Sakita weaves into her episodes. Two of my absolute favorites are her interview with Necole Kane (the blogger formerly behind Necole Bitchie) and Mattie James of Mattieology. From making what you love profitable to the risks and rewards of that come with owning a business, this one will inspire you to get off your ass and make shit happen. 

5. Bitch Media

Bitch Media is a feminist response to pop culture, home to whip-smart writers, artists, and activists who analyze popular media with an eye on gender, race, class and sexuality. Popaganda is a 45-minute in-depth exploration of themes ranging from standup comedy to sex work and Backtalk is our quick, fun conversation about the week in pop culture. 

I've only listened to a couple of these episodes, but this will give you your daily dose of feministic, liberally-charged content that's for sure. The description explains better than I could ever, but do listen. 

Others on my radar include: Another Round, Call Your Girlfriend, Black Girls Talking, This American Life (I know, I'm late), Fresh Air, Wear Your Dreams, and Stuff You Should Know. 

I'm obviously super into all of the girl power that is being spewed all over the interwebs. I cannot get enough. I toggle back and forth between feeling so incredibly inspired to wondering what the hell I'm doing with my life back to being incredibly inspired and thankful that a lot of these women normalize the feeling of what the hell am I doing with my life. It's awesome and I am so here for all of it. So, what are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments!