Blue Apron + GIVEAWAY

Adulting sucks. Like, I hate it most days. Couple the normal stuff like getting up at the butt crack of dawn to go to work, no naps, and budgeting with married adult responsibilities and shit just gets overwhelming (but at least there's wine). 

My least favorite married adult responsibilities are the things that I can no longer do on my own time -  like cooking/eating and laundry. I can't opt to forgo dinner any given night because I'm not hungry...and I can't wash when I feel like it because the hubs may run out of drawls before I do. See? *chugs glass of wine*

When it comes to cooking, I've taken on that chore. Not because I love it (though sometimes it can be therapeutic), but mostly because my husband works waaaay later than me and if it were left up to his schedule, we'd starve. Or eat Taco Bell everyday. And let me tell you, I hate Taco Bell (and most fast food). The hardest part about working a full-time job, and having married adult dinner responsibilities, is meal planning. I've tried and failed on numerous accounts. I'm the girl that thinks of something to make the day of, or frantically scrolls through Pinterest at work for "quick healthy dinner" pins 10 minutes before it's time to head out for the day. Then, I have to stop at the grocery store. How archaic, right? It's 2016. Dinner should cook itself. 

My cooking conundrum inspired me to look for modern, make-my-life-easier, lazy millennial options. I'm sure most of you have heard of or seen commercials for services like Plated, Hello Fresh, Blue Apron -- or the plethora of other subscription meal delivery services. Basically, they deliver all the ingredients to make three different meals (based on your preferences). No extra produce to waste and no day of grocery store runs. After I paid my due diligence and researched their differences, I decided to give Blue Apron a try. 

Biggest deciding factor for me was price (plus frequency). Blue Apron sends 3 meals, 6 servings, for two (or one with leftovers) for $59.99/week (Hello Fresh is $69 and Plated is $72 for the same servings). You can also skip a week or cancel anytime which really helps ease my commitment issues. 

Secondly, the food, duh. While Plated had some decent options, Hello Fresh just didn't do it for me, so Blue Apron took the cake. 

I'm well into my second week now and I actually love it. My delivery day is Saturday, so I typically cook Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and Thurs. - Sun. are "figure it out" nights -- aka we eat out or I run to the store. 

Salmon + freekeh

Salmon + freekeh

Shiitake & hoisin burger with sweet potato wedges.  

Shiitake & hoisin burger with sweet potato wedges.  

Products come in an insulated bag  

Products come in an insulated bag  

So the only bummer about signing up for Blue Apron was I couldn't find any promo codes for first-timer subscribers (yes, I'm that girl). But since I'm now apart of the BA fam, I have a free meal I would love to share! No commitment. Alls you have to do is create an account and get your free delivery.


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