Flea Style Dallas Favs

Flea Style Dallas (formerly The Dallas Flea) has been on my radar for several years now and the last few years, there has always been a reason for my absence. I'm out of town, it slipped my mind, it's raining -- not this year. As soon as I realized I would be in town, I marked my calendar and planned to go. Not gonna lie, I woke up Saturday morning and completely forgot about it until my dear friend Lesley texted me about carpooling. It was in fact raining, and I planned to use that as an excuse to stay in and clean, but when I realized that would mean having to wait a whole year for the next opportunity, I quickly put those plans to rest. Glad I did. 

There were literally 200+ local vintage and handmade vendors on display, and had I been less hungry, less poor and less in a rush, I would've likely spent a little more time perusing each of them. Instead, we walked down all of the aisles at a comfortable, but fast pace, only stopping at those that immediately caught our eye. I only made two purchases - an oversized distressed painted frame at $15 and a graphic tee that says "You had me at brunch" (because duh) - but I did stop and collect cards from those I would revisit when I'm less hungry, less poor and less in a hurry. 

Here are my a small sample of my favorites. AKA - you should check them all out. 

Folksie. Folksie is a small batch clothing manufacturer that produces quality handmade pieces right here in Dallas. I stopped in my tracks when I saw their booth attendant in a over-sized-potato-sacky-super-cute dress and frantically looked through the racks for an identical one. Unfortunately, they didn't have the same one on hand. But the good news was, they sold them online. The not-so-good news was that they are almost $40 more online. But I'd still actually consider purchasing one. Find them on instagram @thefolksieway

Sincerely Mary. Sincerely Mary is an online boutique featuring unique clothing and jewelry based here in Dallas. They had some pretty neat accessories like this bracelet that I love. Instagram: @sincerelymaryclothing

Wake Me Up Goods. One of two I purchased from onsite, Wake Me Up Goods does screen print tees for women and kids. After debating on whether or not I should purchase the "You Had Me At Brunch" tee, I had a glass of wine and that made the decision much easier. Runner up was the "Tacos + Hotsauce" tank. Find them on instagram @wakemeupgoods

Oil Digger Tees. Another maker of cutesy print tees, Oil Digger almost had all my money. My favorites were the "Corporate Misfit", "Champagne and Queso" and "Tex-Mex Gangster" tees. They're on instagram @oildiggertees

Resoycled Candle Co. Hand poured in good 'ol Denton, TX (go Mean Green), Resoycled makes small-batch soy candles in recycled, reusable containers. The Pomegranate + Spice was my absolute favorite. I wanted to eat it. @resoycled on insta. 

The full Flea Style vendor list is here. I feel like I missed so many, so I'll be spending some time going through it!