Meet Lennox!

We got a puppy! Not gonna lie -- as much as I liked the idea of having a fur baby, and wanted to jump on the opportunity before my husband changed his mind -- I wasn't actually ready. But I guess the saying holds true for actual babies and fur babies're never actually ready. And if you wait until you are, you'll never have/get one (though, I guess you can't accidentally get a dog... never mind). 

We purchased our Goldendoodle puppy from DFW-based Lonestar Doodles after a few days of research and Instagram stalking. They've bred some pretty famous pups including Nelson (the Vespa-riding standard doodle from Dallas). After a couple of months on the waiting list, we finally got to pick out of little dood. 

We named him Lennox (aka Lenni) and while he is quite the rambunctious little thing, I absolutely adore him. 

Here are some pics from Lenni's little photo shoot. 

 I couldn't resist. He will be a lion for Halloween. And he will hate me for it. But it's okay. Because he's an adorable lion. 

Lennox's photos were taken by my super-talented sister-in-law, Nolita. You can check out her website and book her for all of your photo needs!