We're Having A Baby... Shower

Not for me. Ha. I know I've cried wolf too many times and I deserve whatever happens to me, but I am NOT pregnant. Sorry to disappoint. My friend Jazmune, however, IS pregnant with a little girl and I'm thrilled about it. 

I had the opportunity to host a baby shower for her  and I was super excited because I hadn't done an event in a while. And by "super excited," I mean super stressed, but also excited, but also very much really very stressed. To know me is to know that I don't handle stress very well. It's usually written all over my face or I'm pretty vocal about it. That's the number one reason I probably couldn't do this for a living. But every now and then, I remember how much fun it is to have an idea and make it all come to fruition. There's a whole lot of gratification in seeing your hard work and planning come to life. 

I've been DYING for an opportunity to make a balloon arch. And I finally had the chance so I took it. What I didn't do is record it, so no tutorial this time around, sorry (I know you were all sitting on the edge of your seats to see a balloon arch tutorial from me). But if there's an actual demand, I'd love to find another opportunity to create this magic and share the step-by-step. 


I feel like desserts are the best (most photogenic) part of any party, so I really wanted to highlight the dessert table. It was one of the first things you saw when you came in, and I thought it was so pretty. The cake came from a local cafe and bakery (Cretia's) and was SO good. I love me a Cretia's cake. 

Some of the other activities included a DIY Italian Soda Bar and a DIY "Mom-mosa" Bar (of course) and a donut wall. Listen, that donut wall was cute, but I think that scared people off. Not ONE donut was taken off the "wall" and consumed. The DIY Italian Soda Bar was something I'd never done, but I thought it was a cool way to incorporate a fun non-alcoholic beverage into the event. Not to mention they were yummy. 


Event details

Venue: The Bevy

Cake: Cretia's

Custom "Camryn" Sign: here

Donut Wall Peg Board: here

Balloon Arch Strip: here

Tiered Cupcake Stand: here

Pink Camryn Sign with gold ring: DIY 

If ever you have an event you'd like help planning for, I'd love to help! :)