DIY Marble MacBook Cover

I'm obsessed with marble contact paper. I learned of its existence through my daily blog stalking for DIY projects.  

Something you should know: I don't do super time-consuming, need-more-than-4-materials, build-my-own-house DIYs. Ain't nobody got time for that. So I was really excited to see that this required all of 3 things (including the laptop) and a 10 minute attention span (cause that's all I got). 


Yep, that's it. I didn't document the rest of the steps in images because I had to be super focused and stuff (because knives), but it's so simple that you don't really need pictures to explain. 

DIY Marble Macbook Cover

  1. Dust off your computer (if it's anything like mine) with a soft cloth
  2. Lay your computer top down on the inside of the contact paper (non-marble side)
  3. Leave about half an inch (if that) around the perimeter and begin cutting through the paper with the Xacto knife (the paper even has nice ruler lines that make it easy
  4. Remove contact paper backing and (starting from the front) carefully place the paper at the edge of the computer, slowly pressing it down as you work from front to back (or back to front - whichever tickles your fancy)
  5. Press firmly with your finger or a credit card to smooth out bubbles
  6. Cut off excess paper around the edges
  7. Open your laptop (make sure it's on) so the Apple illuminates and trace it with the Xacto knife (yes, this was the most difficult part and where I almost quit and said 'eff this' - so, good luck with your patience)
  8. Remove the paper from the Apple and voila!