Holiday Gift Guide: DIY Booze Boxes

We are 6 days away from Christmas (HOW THE HECK DID THAT HAPPEN?!) and here I am, the biggest procrastinator in America. I literally have purchased nothing. But don't worry, if college taught me anything, is that I work best under pressure -- like 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter and we're down 18 type of pressure. 

That said, I'm sharing my go-to last minute (or not) gift for every occasion. You literally can't go wrong with gifting booze -- that is unless the receiver is a recovering alcoholic or doesn't drink for whatever reason. Oh, or pregnant. I forget that's a thing. 

Anyhow, here is a tried and true gift idea for all of your non-alcoholic, not pregnant, social drinking friends and colleagues: The Booze Box. 


It's as simple as it seems -- figure out your friends drink of choice or just pick a classic cocktail and buy all of the components necessary to make said cocktail. My go-to is a Moscow Mule - because everyone loves their own copper cups and they're so simple to make. I refuse to pay the absurd amount that regular stores charge for copper mugs, so about 90% of the time I score one at either Walmart ($5) or TJ Maxx (~$7). 


You simply add a copper mug, a mini bottle (or two) of vodka, a lime and an individual ginger beer. And, if you're fancy, add a cocktail recipe card with instructions on how to craft the perfect cocktail.  


Other cocktail suggestions are an old fashioned (my favorite), side car, mint julep. The list goes on. I purchased mini glass tubes for the bitters and added a few sugar cubes to the box to create a perfect old fashioned.  



Show up to your office Christmas party or gift exchange and have everyone fight over your gift. Because that's always the goal.  

Merry Christmas, kids!