I Tried a Cocktail Subscription Box: Here Are My Thoughts

In an era where you can subscribe to pretty much anything with the exception of a lifetime subscription to heaven (though that would be nice), I have definitely had my fair share of being swindled out of my $9.99-$40/month for everything including razors, shoes, panties, dinner and more by clever little advertisements. 

Tempt me with a subscription to booze? I didn't stand a chance. I'd been curious about how much I'd appreciate a service like this (since I am a self-proclaimed at-home master mixologist, of course), so I was excited to try American Cocktail Club -- because that sounds like THE club for me.  

It's a simple concept: you sign up on their site and opt-in for one of two box options and they send you a monthly box with everything you need to whip up your own cocktail at home. 

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I received the August box that featured The Summer Belinni created by Gabby Cirigliano. The cocktail is sparkling wine-based and included two canned sparkling wines, some fancy cocktail blend by American Juice Company called Harriett Peacher Stowe, and a guava-flavored ginger ale. The box even included flower petals for garnish.  

I spent a couple minutes of my Labor Day mixing this very simple cocktail and enjoyed one while catching up on Sunday's episode of Insecure. I'd never heard of 2/3 of the ingredients, but it was surprsingly pretty tasty. A little weak, but tasty. 

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Here are the pros and cons. 


  • The box includes everything you need to whip up a cocktail at home 
  • You get enough ingredients for about 4 cocktails 
  • Makes a great date night activity 
  • You have an option between the Everything Box (that includes the booze) and the Everything But the Booze Box (which doesn't include the booze)
  • If you by your own booze, you can likely get more servings out of the ingredients 
  • You get a cute little recipe card to add to your cocktail recipe folder
  • You get a fancy an all-natural cocktail blend by American Juice Company in every box 
  • The cocktail was pretty tasty 


  • While they say you get 4 cocktails per box, I managed to only get two (different strokes for different folks)
  • Boxes aren't initially customized to you preferences 
  • I'm not a huge sparking wine fan, and would've appreciated something a little more spirit-forward 
  • The flower garnish that came in my box weren't as vibrantly colored as shown in the pictures 
  • $44.99 is a little high for the Everything Box in my opinion 
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I think the one thing I would change off top is the lack of customizing your box based on preference. It would've been awesome to take a short survey based on my drinking habits and tastes and then sent a box with those things considered. Their website says that after a couple of boxes, you will be able to provide feedback so they can better customize your box, but there's definitely a huge opportunity to do that upfront. 

All-in-all, there are few things I can appreciate more than having a box of booze delivered to my front door monthly. While I would've totally appreciated something a little more heavy-hitting than a belinni, I still enjoyed it for the most part. If you're open to trying a variety of different cocktails and have little preferences, or if you just want to hone in on your at-home mixology skills, I would totally recommend trying them out. 

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I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend. Anyone else need an encore? 


This post was produced in collaboration with American Cocktail Club. As always, thoughts are my own. Thank you for supporting sponsors who keep content fresh on The Faux Fancy.