DIY Boot Bra

AKA the homemade way to ensure your OTK boots don't fall to your ankles as you walk down the street. 

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If you're like me, you purchased these extra fabulous, over-the-knee Dolce Vita boots (or similar ones, I guess) and have enjoyed all aspects of them but one: you walk more than a few feet and they slowly fall past your knees creeping to your ankles with every step. It's annoying and you want to be able to wear your cute boots AND do functional shit... you know... like, walk. If you're also like me, you're frugal AF and are interested in a cheap fix. You're in luck. 

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This DIY "boot bra" is super simple... like suuuuper simple to make. And I suppose they're called "bras" because they support your boots (boobs), but unlike actual bras, these aren't cumbersome, annoying or restrictive. 

Check out the step-by-step and purchase the materials below. 


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What you need

  • adhesive velcro (I got the pre-cut because it's simple AF)
  • 1 inch thick elastic (enough to fit around both thighs) 
  • needle + thread (or hot glue gun, because let's be real. AINTNOBODYGOTTIMEFORTHAT
  • scissors 


  1. Measure your elastic to fit around your leg where the boot stops and cut 
  2. Sew or hot glue ends of elastic together to tightly (not too tight) fit around your leg – you don't want it to cut your circulation off, but you want it tight enough that it doesn't slip when you walk
  3. Place the two velcro dots (the soft ones) on both sides of the inside of your boots (you can glue these to ensure they stay – plus the soft part won't irritate or hurt your skin)
  4. Place the contrasting dots on each side of the velcro (ensure they align with the positioning of the ones in the boots)
  5. To wear, slide on elastic first, then boot, secure velcro and voila! 

Super simple, right? Told you.