DIY Quotable Sleep Mask

I was inspired to DIY this sleep mask after seeing a very similar one online, thinking to myself 'oh that's cute', only to see it listed for $69. Puh-leeze. No thank you. I don't care how "luxurious" your sleep masks are (the company's words, not mine), how does one appreciate luxury during REM sleep? They don't. That's how. So unless these sleep masks are stitched with hair from Beyonce's lace front wig, my $69 will stay in my pocket. 

Let's be clear that I never actually wear sleep masks, but I'm down to try new things in the name of cuteness, and this was a cheap thrill. 

All you need is: 

  1. Black sleep mask (this is the one I got)
  2. Iron-on Letters (I got like 4 packs in one here)
  3. Scissors (in case you want cute gold ones here)
  4. Iron 

I think the steps are pretty obvious, but just in case...

  1. Decide on the quote/phrase you'd like to use 
  2. Cut out the letters to spell out the quote/phrase (be sure to cut as close to the edge of the letter as possible to ensure your spacing is accurate) 
  3. Follow the packet instructions for ironing on the letters 
  4. Put your hater blockers on and get a good night's rest.

Shop the supplies here: