DIY Velvet Choker

This DIY is so simple it seems silly. My intention was to use actual jewelry fasteners for this, but laziness came over me, and simplicity prevailed. Truth is, Hobby Lobby didn't have what I was looking for, so I improvised and it happened to work out.  

This could be repurposed for a variety of different fabric/ribbon, but in this case I chose velvet. Hobby Lobby sells most of their ribbon by the spool, but at like $2/each, I couldn't complain. 

The three things you'll need are ribbon, a hot glue gun, and Velcro "coins" (buy like 15 for $2 here). Oh, and like 3 minutes to spare. And scissors. Don't forget the scissors. 


  1. Measure ribbon to the width of your neck and cut.  
  2. Apply velcro to each end of cut ribbon with hot glue.  
  3. Put it on and slay.  

Told you it was simple. I made a few others with different type of ribbon that I'll share at some point. Potentially a more sophisticated, store-bought looking version. But in the meantime, this gets the job done. Enjoy!