DIY Bar Cart

I'm all about the bar cart movement. That is, putting my drinking habit on a pretty display. While the bottles may hardly ever stay full, I think it makes for a good decor piece. I'm pretty sure the least expensive bar carts are sold at Target -- but while hundreds of dollars less than those you might find West Elm or Pottery Barn, $130 was still just a little more than I was willing to pay for something I can't consume (jk, I promise I'm not an alcoholic). 

I'm pretty sure I got the inspiration from Pinterest (though the source has been lost in a sea of pins) to use an IKEA utility cart and turn it into what had the potential to be a bar cart. Now, IKEA has several utility carts that could be easily transformed into a nice bar cart -- like this one:

KLASEN Serving Cart - $109

KLASEN Serving Cart - $109

But for the sake of this DIY and my piggy bank, I decided not to spend more than $40. So I went with the BYGEL Utility Cart for $29.99. 

The process for this was simple. Gold spray paint, duh. And because it's IKEA and you obviously have to assemble everything, I painted the metal frame, hooks and wheels before assembling. Then put it together and voila! 



Photos by: Nolita Nouveau