10 Things

I've learned the hard way not to commit to series on the blog because the way my life is set up, chances are I will fail before even starting lol. But I thought it would be fun to share 10 very random things/thoughts/opinions... just because. And, since we aren't calling this a series, this may or may not happen again in the future. 

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10 Things:

1. Wasabi is my jam. Strangely enough, I hated it for the better half of my sushi-consuming life, but as my pallet evolved, so did my love for wasabi. The best feeling is when you put too much in your soy sauce or on your sushi and you get that overwhelming heat in your mouth that clears your sinuses and makes your eyes water. Lol It's like it feels like you're going to die... but then you don't. I love it. haha Judge me. Only after you share a bag of Trader Joe's wasabi flavored seaweed with me. 

2. I had my FIRST EVER Pumpkin Spice Latte this week. I'm as basic as they come. 

3. I thought I didn't like pumpkin. Like, the last 27 years of my life I swore off pumpkin-flavored anything. At 28, however, I'm a pumpkin-lovin' fool. Gimme all the pumpkin bread and the PSLs, but hold the candles. Because I'm not THAT basic. 


4. I HATE bad customer service. I had a terrible experience this week with Boohoo.com – and I'm almost hesitant to say this top came from them. If you followed my Insta stories, you may know the story. But basically, I realized in my confirmation email for a recent order I placed that they were sending me the wrong size in a pair of pants... a size I didn't order... a size that WASN'T EVEN LISTED AS AN OPTION ON THEIR WEBSITE (that's how you KNOW I didn't order it)... and they told me there was "nothing they can do about it." GTFOH. There is PLENTY you can do about it. You just have terrible customer service and refuse to make it right. When I tell you I'm through with them, I mean it. Unfortunately, I have some REALLY cute pieces I just ordered that I had every intention of sharing on the blog. We'll see how this plays out. 

5. I am 106% here for Target's newly designed stores. As if they didn't already take all my coins, they've upgraded the environment to make you tack on an extra hour to the other hours of aimlessly perusing the aisles. AND THE DRESSING ROOMS. Yo. They are next-level. Makes you feel like you're at Neiman's with your $27.99 top. Also, there's no attendant. It feels so...free. If you haven't been fortunate enough to check out this redesigned store experience, I'm sorry. Your time will come. 

6. I have been waiting like a month for a furniture order I placed a month ago. My patience is running thin. Don't they understand the importance of the pics I need for the 'gram? Ugh. 

7. Remember that survey I asked you all to take for me last week? You know, the one where I get a better idea of the content you'd like to see? Yeah, the one that's still live and is not too late to fill out? That one. Well, so far, some of the things people have mentioned are hair, marriage, money, hair, career, and... hair. Lol This is great and I'm so excited people care. The marriage part gives me a wee bit of anxiety because it's the one thing I do tend to not share a lot about. The hair is a reoccurring request and also gives me anxiety because I'm such a lazy natural and 90% of the time I want to chop this shit off. And the money part is funny because I'M BROKE... or it just feels like it. lol Or rather there are so many things that I want and have to buy that I just stay broke as a result. Anyway... I do promise to delve more into those things. But it's still not too late to share your thoughts

8. "Dress like you're already famous." – one of my favorite quotes I read this week. I don't want to be famous... but I do want to have things to dress up for. lol

9. I'm not as good as I (and other people) thought I was at home decor. I have been struuuugglingggg trying to piece furniture together to complete my house. Iyanla, fix my life! Do I have any interior designer friends? Raise your hand. 

10. In my humble opinion, Instagram feeds (ESPECIALLY if you are/aspiring to be a blogger) should always be quality over quantity. I refuse to ever like a screenshot of your Twitter feed, text messages or an Internet meme... unless it's posted by The Shade Room. lol You ain't getting my like, bruh. Don't take it personal. 

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