10 Things

I know I said I couldn't promise this would be a series, so for now, let's just call it a coincidence. Nonetheless, I'm back for the second week with 10 random things, thoughts, opinions. As always, feel free to weigh in on any of the below. 


10 Things

1. I'm so over the abuse of Instagram's Boomerang feature. Hear me out. It's a cool ass feature, and it just irks me that people abuse it by "booming" things not worthy of being "boomed." Like, I love me some Boomerang, but the point isn't to just move your phone at a stagnant object and call it creative. Unless of course you are just placing special emphasis on said stagnant object. It's a beautiful feature when you use it as intended and capture a moving subject thus, essentially creating a gif. We can't all be boom kings and queens. But we can preserve the integrity of the feature one boom at a time. 

2. I AM DONE WITH GIN. I repeat, for the folks in the back, I AM DONE WITH GIN. It hurts my brain every single time. And I'm not sure why I gave it three chances to disappoint me. 

3. I have met some pretty freakin awesome people in the last like month. It's kind of crazy, but I've had the opportunity to connect with at least five super dope women who I am so excited to add to my circle. Most of them are creatives and bloggers, but another I happen to work with. It's just really dope to expand my network with some pretty solid humans. 

4. I need new podcasts. I repeat: I need new podcasts. Suggestions welcome. Another Round is my favorite. Stuff Mom Never Told You & Call Your Girlfriend are also on my playlist among others. Podcasts NOT to suggest: The Read, Undisclosed, This American Life, S-Town, Insecuritea, Making Oprah, anything NPR. Not because I don't like them, but I've either been there, done that, have them in my library, or it's just not my speed.  

5. I still hate Boohoo. 

6. I'm at a place in my life where there is a lot going on all the time. And while the FOMO gets real sometimes, more often than not, I find myself doing and attending things that I could've gone without doing/attending. That said, I want to be very intentional about who/what/where I spend my time. If the slightest part of me doesn't want to do something, I'm not going to. If it doesn't contribute to my well-being, my goals, or my overall pleasure and enjoyment, I'm out. I just simply realized that I was saying "yes" to too many things that didn't align with my brand, my interests, my tastes. So, I'm trying out a word I don't use very often. No

7. I'm a fan of the white bootie movement. I haven't yet purchased a pair, but I'm leaning toward the pair on the shop feed on the blog homepage. 

8. Is it just me, or does LOL in all caps seem obnoxious? It's the equivalent to "lmao/LMAO/lmbo" right? Okay, cool. lol If ever I'm talk-to-texting, I never tell Siri to use lol because she defaults to the obnoxious version (LOL). Stop it. It's not that funny.

9. I've got to stop asking people for their opinion and then getting offended when they don't like something or their opinion of it doesn't align with mine. lol I'm bad about that. And it's been a reoccurring theme lately. 

10. I'm the girl that will settle for the far away parking spot after circling 3 times and then back out and and move to the front row spot someone happens to be vacating moments later. I like my VIP parking, what can I say?

I snagged these fun pants at my local TJ Maxx. They are by Guest Editor and I cannot even find a similar pair to link. I suck, sorry, My top is from Zara but is old and my shoes are from Target and I found them for like $9. I also can't find them online anymore. I suck, I know. My bag is one of my favorites and is from Edit Lifewear

Until next time!