10 Things


Happy Friday! This has been a week. Not exceptionally busy, but it felt busy in that I was so busy being lazy AF. Lots of impromptu plans that made me totally disregard things I needed to do (like blog and organize content). Anyway, all I promised was that I couldn't promise that this would be a series... I didn't promise they would always be on Thursdays. So here we are on a Friday with this week's 10 things. Let's get into it. 


1. Erno Laszlo can have my first born child. Listen. A week or so ago, I received this unsuspecting package in the mail. It consisted of two products that I later found out were to be use together. This product was the Erno Laszlo White Marble Dual Phase Vitamin C Peel (say that 48 times fast). I'd never heard of this "Erno" before nor this product, and while I tend to receive a lot of beauty products, this one had me interested. You basically put the first product on your face first (which smells like brunch and unicorns, btw) which exfoliates as you rub it in. After that, you use the smaller bottle that comes with a doppler and apply a few drops of that product on your face and rub it all together. Let it sit for a little while and... SLAP YA MAMA MY FACE FELT LIKE MELTED BUTTER. I was mostly in shock after the first use and wondered why I hadn't previously been introduced to this witch craft. Upon further research, I realized the price tag was probably the main reason. It's totally out of my league. It's a $100 product and I've NEVER done that. BUT this is a game changer for both my skin and my wallet because I will definitely purchase this again. Let me tell you. It's so worth it

2. Anyone else wonder what service Courtney Kerr has automated to like EVERYONE'S pictures on Instagram? The first few times I saw a like from her, I was like tiiiight... but over time, I noticed that it happens to everyone and immediately knew that there was no way it was actually her. lol

3. I'm SUPER excited about my partnership with WeWork, Impeccable Pig and SPCA of Texas! Like, it's one of the more exciting events that I've been apart of! If you haven't seen/read/heard, I will be a part of Runway to the Rescue next Thursday 11/2 at WeWork Uptown (for all of my Dallas friends). Each influencer will be wearing outfits from The Impeccable Pig and basically walking in a fashion show with adoptable puppies! The event is FREE, but donations are so appreciated and 100% of them go straight to SPCA of Texas. If you're not local, you can still donate AND even shop The Impeccable Pig online. I LOVE all the pieces I got from them. Including the bag pictured. 

4. I say it all of the time, but my dog is literally nuts. He's THE class president of friendly and it gets pretty embarrassing. I can't have guests over without him going complete ape shit to greet them for 30 mins straight (so if you're opposed to that, you're not welcome to my home lol), which drives me to yell at him at the top of my lungs more often than I'd like. When it's just me and Patrick at home, however, he's an angel. It's the public thing and the guest thing that he's terrible at. I thought about this a lot this week though, and while he is a complete lunatic most of the time, I'm so grateful that his biggest flaw (outside of the shedding, because good Lord) is that he loves too hard... and rough... and. He doesn't chew things, he's not destructive, he doesn't have a mean bone in his body. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm counting my blessings... and trying to see the positive, but the kid is nuts. 


5. Weird segue but, kids. I find myself thinking about them often, partly because EVERYDAMNBODY is pregnant right now. A part of me wants them... and wouldn't mind having them soon. But the other part is like "uh no, eff that. What the heck you gonna do with a whole human? Sit down. Have several seats. Good day." The latter of the two voices tends to win the internal battle more times than not. But sometimes I feel like maybe I'm waiting for a time or a feeling or a place in life that may never come. I've heard time and time again that if you wait til you're ready, you'll never have them and I see so much truth in that. I still feel like a child most days. Like I'd be a teen mom with no idea wtf to do. lol I know, ridiculous, but it's true. I haven't yet got to the stage in life where it's a congratulatory moment first and shock second. It's more so shock, more shock, then, "omg congrats!" I don't want all of my friends' kids to be like teenagers before I get started or anything, but I just don't know if I'm ready for the challenge and the responsibility just yet. I take all of my hats off to all of you mothers who are out here doing the thing while managing all of the other things. You are the real MVP. Send me some encouragement. 

6. I STILL find myself caring entirely too much about what people think. About me and in general. It's a constant battle. If I could buy a 800mg dose of IDGAF over the counter, I totally would. Anyone know a spot that accepts insurance? My personality is such that I know I can come across super strong minded and as though I couldn't care less about the opinions of others – but... issa lie. I care. To a fault. 

7. My husband is in the car business. He works six days a week, mostly 12 hour days. Our day is Sunday, as that's the only day we're both off and are able to spend time with each other. Most times, if I'm asked to hang out on a Sunday, there's a 90% chance that the answer is no. It's our day. He's literally the hardest working person I know – and his work ethic is unparalleled. I'll put my money on it. I recently listed to a podcast by This American Life called 129 Cars. It's intended for an audience that is unaware of (or maybe even uninterested in) how tough of a market car sales is. It took me SO long to come to terms with the ridiculous schedule and the late nights, but I have developed a huge amount of respect for folks in that line of business. If you're at all interested, you can listen here. If you think car dealerships are around for the sole purpose of screwing you over, you can listen here

image 2.JPEG

8. Fruits don't belong on salads. Yeah, I said it. Keep your strawberries, mandarin oranges, beets, nuts, and all that other BS off my lettuce. Fight me

9, THIS IS US. Omg. I fell behind last season, but have since put in the time to catch up. At first I thought it was getting kinda cheesy, but I was wrong, and I apologize. It's the best

10. These boots. Raise your hand if you didn't know Target carried Dolce Vita? If you're hand is raised, dismiss yourself. I was telling a sales associate at a boutique near my house the other day that I had purchased THE cutest OTK boots from Target and they were DV and she was shocked that Target carried DV. I can't trust you if you don't know your way around Target blindfolded and if you're unfamiliar with every exclusive and collaborative line in the store. It's my rule. Anyway, these boots are the Sugar.Honey.Iced.Tea and you need them right now. Thank me later. 

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Skirt is old, but it's from the Peter Pilotto for Target line. 

Happy weekend, friends. Don't do anything I wouldn't.