10 Things


Happy Friday! Thanking God a little more this round. I've been pretty busy this week and it's like my mind can't catch up with the speed in which my to-do list needs to be complete. Anyhow, I'm back this week with another 10 things. But first, shoutout to Who What Wear for this number from Target. You da realest. 

Now, let's get into it. 


1. I’m Target’s biggest fan. I know, I know, everyone says that, but I'm certain I win this one. I find myself replying to the "that's cute, where'd you get it question" with "thanks, Target" way more than what's probably normal. Like, everything I own is practically Target. How did I get this way? 

2. Chopsticks. Are they supposed to be held crossed at the top or nah? The jury is still out on this one. I personally don't understand the psychics behind using them criss-crossed and am typically amazed by those talented humans shoveling rice or sushi into their mouths with two criss-crossed sticks. Of course I know how to use chop sticks... but, the regular way. Not that fancy way yall be doing. 

3. Is it just me, or do most people appreciate the scent of puppy paws? If you haven't smelled them, do it. If they stink, I'll let you sniff my dog's. 

4. Do you ever find yourself trying to intentionally be late (because you’re always punctual) so you’re not the first to arrive somewhere? I hate being the first person to show up looking desperate (though 9 times outta 10 I was ready on time) so I find ways to kill time so I'm not the first one in. Sometimes, I just sit in my car and force myself to be tardy. It's kind of a struggle. If you haven't, you should read my post on time management. And if you don't have any, GET YOU SOME. 


5. I told my husband it was on my bucket list to fly private. He said “if you start saving now, you can fly from Dallas to San Antonio for your 40th” Lol. If you're not from Texas, Google flight time from Dallas to San Antonio. 

6. You know what tops my Christmas list this year? One of those robot vacuums and the camera enabled doorbell. Because I'm an adult. A technologically savvy one at that. 

7. We should play a game called "what's the last thing you bought on Amazon." I feel like I would win the award for most random shit ever. The last thing I bought on Amazon was embossing powder, a handheld heat tool and star anise. Told you. I win. 


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8. How is Thanksgiving NEXT WEEK? I still don't have the answers. I decided last minute to host my parents and I haven't even thought about what to make. I will tell you that I have hosted at least 3-4 Thanksgivings and I have NEVER made a turkey. For starters, I'm really not much of a turkey fan – HOWEVER, gimme a cajun fried turkey and you'd think I was president of the fan club. I typically order a friend turkey from Nate's Seafood. Helpful hint... it's lit. One of the other years I did Cornish hens... because ain't nobody got time for turkey. 

9. How bad to you lie on the doctor's office question about how many drinks per week do you consume? My immediate response is to wonder who counts. But then I realized that that's likely frowned upon. So I typically subtract like 6 and round down 2. So much pressure. 

10. I don't think I've ever really question my desire to have children one day until I'm around children for extended periods of time. I visited my sister last weekend to help celebrate my niece's 2nd birthday. She is a doll baby. Like, the cutest little girl in the world and I'd slap anyone for telling me otherwise. BUT... bruh. Talk about birth control. Those two year old mood swings will drive anyone to rethink their entire existence. I enjoyed every minute with her, don't get me wrong, but I also wanted to invest in a chasity belt. 

10.5. This. Just listen to/watch this. Can I get an amen? 


Happy weekend, friends!