Favorite Affordable Sunglasses

While Dallas' weather is currently going through one of its many mood swings, I'm busy preparing for sunnier days and buying more sunglasses than there has been sun. And that's so much easier to do when they're under $10. 

I've owned one pair of "expensive" sunglasses my adult life. I still wear them occasionally, actually. I remember the feeling I had in my stomach when I splurged on my first (and only) pair of polarized Ray Ban's. It was a feeling of satisfaction coupled with knots forming in the pit of my stomach as I handed over my credit card while thinking of all 467 of the things I could've bought for $250. You're an adult, I told myself. This is an investment in your adulthood. I walked out of Nordstrom dawning my new shades while side-eyeing my then boyfriend (now husband). This wouldn't be routine. 

I love my Ray Ban's, but I also love shades that don't physically hurt my soul at the thought of breaking them. I can't remember how I stumbled upon ZeroUV, but I'm damn sure glad I did. I think it was around the time that I was obsessing over those Dior glasses. You know, those $600 pair. I found some lookalikes there, saw the price, and ordered like five other pair within 15 minutes. The legit have the cutest innovatory with most glasses being under $12. And they ship from California, so they're here (Dallas) within a few days. 

I've recently gone to town... as the anticipation of summer months and upcoming trips consumes me. Here are a few of my favorite. 


Secret's out so #gogetchusome. You can shop ZeroUV here. Be sure to join their mailing list to get the discount (I believe it's like 25% off).