Five Friday Favorites

I realized that I don't do like a weekly "thing" on the blog - truth is, my weeks are never the same, so it's really hard to commit to doing something weekly. But, I did realize that one thing is consistent every week and that is something I have tried, purchased, want to purchase, saw on the internet, etc. Basically, just coming across some things that are my favorite... if only just for a week. That said, I'd like to introduce a weekly recap of all of the things I've fallen in love with the past week (we'll check in on my consistency later lol). 

This week's five favorites consist of beauty products, the best pants in the world, and... Trevor Noah. Because... Trevor Noah. Here we go. 

1. My Lancome Influenster Box

This month, I received some eye products courtesy of Lancome and Influenster! And I happen to pretty much love them. My favorites are:

  1. DRAMA LIQUI-PENCIL in black and metallic purple. I tend to keep my makeup routine pretty basic and skip bottom eyeliner unless I'm going to a fancy function, but the other day, I used the purple eyeliner along my lash line and my eyes were nothing short of poppin'. It's so smooth and makes application so easy. 
  2. Définicils High Definition Mascara in black. I'm a product junkie in that rarely do I find products I love enough to not try another product with prettier packaging. I'm committal (but I'm married, weird, right?). But I LOVE THIS STUFF. Seriously, I can't vow to never cheat on this mascara, but I can promise it will be a while before I do. 
  3. BI-FACIAL - Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover. I'm honestly really terrible about removing my makeup daily. Like, it's such a chore. I typically resort to makeup remover wipes and wipe my face as fast as I can so I can jump in the bed as quick as I can before whomever I think I'm racing won't win. But this stuff right here? The hardest part of your makeup to remove is typically the eyes, but this stuff gets it good - far better than my trust ol wipes. 

2. PHLUR Fragrances 

I received 3 fragrances from PHLUR this past week, and I have been lathering myself in them since. These unisex fragrances are heavenly and are cruelty, paraben, fake shit-free. The best part is (besides them being based in my home state and out of Austin), you can literally go online and order samples of your favorites for $10 - they ship them to your door and you can sniff and test until you're ready to buy a full bottle (which is less your $10 sampling fee). My personal favorite is Olmsted & Vaux and I'm hiding it from my husband so he doesn't take this "unisex" thing so literal. THEY'RE MINE. 

3. Elf's Daily Facial Cleanser and Daily Hydration Moisturizer

Listen. Remember when I told you I tend to dabble in products and not commit to one? I think that stops here in terms of my cleanser and moisturizer. It's cheap, sure (I mean, I told you I was only faux fancy) but it gets the job done and leaves my face feeling like melted butter. I use the facial cleanser with my Clarasonic and apply the moisturizer shortly after. And at under $10? You can't beat that. 

4. Trevor Noah 

Listen, ya'll. I'm pretty sure in my future life, Trevor Noah is my husband. And we have little South African x American babies and he feeds me pizza while he tells me all his jokes before the rest of the world hears them. We also regularly discuss America's fuckery and laugh until we cry at Tomi Lahren saying she's not racist. Anyway, my favorite thing this week was his segment featuring Tomi herself on The Daily Show. I loved it all. It was such great dialogue and honestly the first time I've seen her out of her typical element which was only a little refreshing and less uncomfortable. I also saw him do standup at an event I attended a couple of weeks ago in Boston which further proved his awesomeness to me. If you haven't seen the interview, you can watch it here. 

5. These Studded Velvet Bell Bottoms 

...have literally changed my life. I love them so much - which might be apparent if you follow me on Instagram. They are so comfortable and just so overall cute that I considered living in them for a few days. Unfortunately, now that they are all over the internet, I guess I have to hang them up for a while. I purchased these through a local stylist I met at an event here in Dallas. But, lucky for you, I've found them elsewhere and will share the link. They're under $40. Thank me later. 

Happy Friday, ya'll. I hope everyone has plans for a great weekend. Cheers!