Hello, FALL

I've been known to say very confidently, that I am not a fan of fall. For one, I live in Texas where we historically know only two seasons (Summer and Winter) and two temperatures (hell and Antartica). And for two, I've spent the majority of my life anti-pumpkin ANYTHING and traditionally hating most things severed for Thanksgiving aside from mac and cheese. That said, as we've officially entered fall 2016, I've recently had a change of heart. 

The weather in Dallas has been so effing perfect that I literally want nothing more than to spend my days frolicking around green pastures and enjoying alcoholic beverages on patios with my feet propped up on the table. It's been a consistent 75º (give or take) for at least a week now, and if you know anything about Texas weather, you know it's nothing if not inconsistent. So this is major. Can I also mention that I had my first EVER PSL from Starbucks the other day (iced, so whatever) and I was pleasantly surprised that I actually enjoyed it. And, to put the cherry on top of my basic bitch sundae, I baked a box of Trader Joe's Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread and... OMFG... that shit was revolutionary. It was SO goodT. Getchu some. 

Anyway, as we transition into an actual fall, I've had fun putting on clothes that I don't sweat through. If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen these shoes that I am ABSOLUTELY obsessed with. The color coupled with the block heel couldn't be more me and I've tried really hard to not over do it by wearing them daily. 


The shoes are from ShuEsq -- and online shoe boutique founded by two attorneys (hence the Esq.) and they feature rare finds and indie designers. Good news for you is that you can save 15% on your entire purchase using code 'DREAMAquia' -- hurry, it's only good through Oct. 16th. 

Dress: Zaful (Under $20!) // Shoes: ShoeEsq // Purse: Sam Moon (I know, right?) // Glasses: Ray Ban 


What's your favorite thing about the season change?