Oh hey, 28

I'm 28, y'all. How'd that happen? I'm fresh off a plane from a surprise getaway to Puerto Vallarta with my whole entire husband... and still don't feel like an actual adult. Lol

I thought I'd celebrate by sharing 28 super random facts about me -- along with my new favorite romper from Tobi that I want to live in from here on out. So you all get the real gift on my birthday. You're welcome!

  1. I'm kinda sorta an only child. My parents were both previous married before they got married and had little ol me. My half siblings and I are at least 10 years apart.
  2. I've lived in Texas my entire life and really don't think I'd go anywhere else. Because economics. 
  3. I've been an athlete all of my life. From basketball to cheerleading, track and gymnastics... I did it all. 
  4. I'm apart of what some people like to call a cult...aka crossfit. I've drank the koolaide and actually really enjoy it (it being crossfit. I hate koolaide). 
  5. I broke my elbow 2 weeks ago at a skating rink. At 27. Before then, the only broken bone I've ever had was a fractured wrist at 13.
  6. I'm very shy. And very much an introvert. I'm selectively social and HAAAATE small talk. It gives me anxiety.
  7. Because of the above, I hate riding in elevators with strangers. I'll push 'door close' 7 times or take the stairs to ensure a solo ride. 
  8. I hate desserts with fruit or fruit filling. Keep your strawberry jam-filled custard donut shit to yourself. 
  9. I also don't believe fruits belong on salads. Segregation is cool when we're talking fruits and vegetables. 
  10. I am the biggest daddy's girl. I literally cannot even think about how much I love my dad without tearing up. He's the real MVP, y'all. Okay, I'm done. 
  11. I got caught shoplifting a gel pen from Target when I was like 9. It was a traumatizing experience. Let's just say my dad still has copies of the apology letters I had to write to both Target and my parents to accompany the check for the fine they received. 
  12. I am a die hard Spurs fan.
  13. I get reeeaaally defensive about the Kardashians. Mostly because we're family in my head (or not?) but also because anyone who tries to knock Kim K for turning a very unfortunate situation into a gold mine is a certified hater.
  14. My dog, Lennox, is the strangest dog I've ever had the pleasure of loving. He's embarrassing AF sometimes, but I literally couldn't love him more. If you follow me on Snapchat, you've likely witnessed his weird behavior.
  15. I love margaritas. But refuse to drink one with a salt rim.
  16. I have 3 nieces. One (almost) 18, (almost) 19 and one 17 months.
  17. Driving sports cars has deminished any ounce of patience for people who seemingly have no where to be.
  18. Speaking of driving, I hate driving. Passionately. And would almost always prefer to fly or ride shot gun. 
  19. I hate getting gas (like gasoline. Fuel lol). And having to pee. For sure two of the most inconvenient everyday things in life. 
  20. I'm a huge procrastinator and dress it up by telling people and myself that I work better under pressure (though, true). 
  21. Fries are my favorite food group. And I'd eat them every day for the rest of my life if weight gain weren't a thing. 
  22. I could probably be a really successful pescatarian. 
  23. ...but I love an occasional plate of fried chicken
  24. I was teased as a kid for being tall and skinny. Two girls in particular got a kick out of calling me a giraffe. But if I'd known then what I know now... I'd be a giraffe any day lol. 
  25. My makeup "routine" consists of 5 products not including lipstick, and takes like 5 minutes. 
  26. I have big feet. That I hate most days, but sites like Shoedazzle and Just Fab are my hero. 
  27. My husband and I went on our first date the day after we met in a parking lot. 
  28. It still surprises me that people actually read my blog. But I'm so eternally grateful that you do! :)


Can we talk about this Tobi romper really quick? I couldn't wait to bust this baby out on my first of two Mexican getaways. I love a good plunge... even if I have to suck in super hard to try to mask all evidence of the 16 pounds of Mexican food I consumed in the last week. You can shop this romper here

And just like that, I'm down to two more years of my twenties. Not sure where time went, but most days I wish I could get a refund. Haha Have a margarita on the rocks for me. No salt. Cheers to 28!