5 Online Shops for the Faux Fancy Fashionista

Adulthood is stupid for more reasons than one, but one of the bigger reasons is having to juggle between shit that matters (like phone bills and electricity) and shit that matters more (like finding an outfit in your closet that hasn't been photographed yet). I get it. I was a habitual online shopper before marriage, mostly because I personally don't mind forgoing dinner 3 nights at any given week in the name of that dress and those shoes I literally couldn't live without. For whatever reason though, my husband thinks he needs dinner.

Anyway, for those of you that have retired Forever XXI quality, but are still on a Forever XXI budget (okay, maybe not exactly as cheap as Forever), here are a few of my (mostly unassuming) favorite sites to peruse.

Also (I may be playing all my cards on this one), PayPal's Pay After Delivery is game changing. Just when you think you've exhausted your shopping budget, PayPal comes through in the clutch and let's you buy (and receive) products and you pay nothing for 14 days. I'm sure it was intended to allow you to see if you like the item before fully committing, but that's neither here nor there. Only downside is, not all retailers allow it. But there are a lot that do. 

Without further ado:  

1. Front Row Shop

Front Row Shop is one of my favorites. The inventory is a lot more eclectic than most online shops I’ve come across, and the price point is pretty freakin fantastic. I feel like there are a ton of Solange-esque pieces and the best part is that most everything is under $100.

Shop Front Row Shop here


2. Pixie Market

While there are a few pieces over the $100 mark (okay, more than a few), Pixie Market definitely carries some gems and most of the pieces are less than $100. They also feature some of the best independent designers there are, which is pretty neat-o in my opinion. 

Shop Pixie Market here


3. She In

I'm sure everyone and their mom has heard of She In, andI'm sure everyone at some point or another has questioned their legitimacy. Wait this cute-ass dress is how much? How, Sway?! Listen, I admittedly don't have the answers. But it's real. The best part? The clothes weren't designed to fit pint-sized Asian ladies, but instead those of us unfortunate enough to be American-sized can order your size vs. 10 sizes up to be safe.  

They're currently having a sale, so get in where you fit in. 

Click the links below to shop She In and get discounts on your order. 

4. Naked Wardrobe

Naked Wardrobe is gives me all the Kardashian vibes. Like, I feel like I can finally afford to hang with the best of them. While some of the inventory is a little too risqué for the body-conscious like myself, I can imagine 98% of it on pre-college body me. The dusters and dresses though? Sign. Me. Up. 

Shop Naked Wardrobe here

5. Zaful

So I'm sure you've all been served Facebook ads for this site and gave it the same side-eye you gave She In. If we're being honest, I just placed my first order this week and am waiting on my items. However, I've heard from trusted sources that they too can be trusted. It might take you a month to get your product, but nonetheless, when you do receive it, more than 2 people will want details on your outfit. 

Shop Zaful here and get $10 off your first purchase of $50!


That's all I've got for now, kids. My repertoire is full of a lot more where those came from, but... less is more?