Summer Closet Swap

This weekend, I spent my Saturday with over a dozen lovely ladies in a beautiful space in the Bishop Arts District here in Dallas shopping each other's closets while sipping yummy cocktails and munching on a brunch spread. It gets no better than that. Remember my post about the closet swap my friend Melody and I hosted last fall? Well we hosted another one: Summer Edition. 

This time we extended the invitation to some of our Dallas-area followers and partnered with Patina Bleu Interiors and Texas Wildflower Vodka to make it happen. Patina Bleu is a beautiful space full of custom interior decor and commissioned art pieces. The entire space belongs on the gram -- literally, ever corner is so nice. Gregory, the owner, custom makes some of the pieces from estate and yard sales and repurposes them into beautiful, handcrafted master pieces. He's every thing I aspire to be in the DIY game -- expect he's a man and I don't ever want to be one of those. lol He was so gracious to donate his space for the event and I couldn't have imagined a better place to host it. It truly felt like we were running a clothing boutique out of there. 

I'm obsessed with this dress. You can shop it here. You also could tell me very little things with this ponytail. lol I may do a tutorial soon. 


Texas Wildflower Vodka is a Dallas-based Vodka brand capturing the essence of a wildflower -- free-spirited and untamed. Again, everything I desire to be. lol We sipped all three of their flavors Pink Lemonade, Blood Orange and Original Craft in handcrafted cocktails with the prettiest garnishes. Definitely going to share some cocktail recipes featuring each of the flavors soon so stay tuned. If you're in the Dallas area, you must try this vodka. Find out where they're sold here

FullSizeRender 269.jpg

There is some SERIOUS closet cleaning going on in my household, so I forced myself to part with almost half of my clothes, but it was totally necessary and worth it. I had SO much to contribute and I honestly didn't want to bring anything back... but there were a couple of things I just couldn't leave behind. And by a couple I mean like seven. 

Check out the pictures and video footage from the swap and if you're in Dallas, stay tuned for the next one. We'd love to have you join us!